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Parallel Session 19 - Evaluations for Greening Development Policies

09:00 am - 10:30 am
Pinnacle Rooms 1-3

By listening to a range of key actors working to strengthen national climate responses (Government decision-makers, evaluators from a range of development banks and agencies), participants will have an understanding of the importance of promoting evaluations to green development policies and practices. They will also identify existing bottlenecks to success and become aware of the steps to be taken by evaluations to promote such greening of development.

Daisuke Horikoshi, Principal Evaluation Officer, IEU, GCF 
Sven Harten, Deputy Director, DEval 
Anupam Anand, Senior Evaluation Specialist, IEO, GEF 
Shimako Takahashi, Evaluation Specialist, IED, ADB 
Arjun Prasad Pokharel, Finance Secretary, MoF, Government of Nepal

Suppiramaniam Nanthikesan, Lead Evaluation Officer, IOE, IFAD


Anupam Anand

Senior Evaluation Specialist, Independent Evaluation Office (IEO)

Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Arjun Prasad Pokharel

Finance Secretary

Ministry of Finance (MoF), Government of Nepal

Daisuke Horikoshi

Principal Evaluation Officer, Independent Evaluation Unit

Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Shimako Takahashi

Evaluation Specialist, Independent Evaluation Department (IED)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Suppiramaniam Nanthikesan

Lead Evaluation Officer, Independent Office of Evaluation (IOE)

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) 

Sven Harten

Deputy Director

German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval)


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