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Sakphouseth Meng

Country Program Manager, Cambodia and Country Director, Mongolia
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) 
Sakphouseth Meng

Sakphouseth Meng is an experienced professional with a passion for rural development and poverty reduction. Currently serving as the IFAD Country Director a.i. for Mongolia and Country Programme Officer for Cambodia, Seth plays a vital role in promoting effective dialogue and partnership between various stakeholders, including civil society, private sector, government, and development partners. 

Before joining IFAD, Seth worked with UNOPS, where he actively supported investment projects initiated by IFAD, the World Bank, and UNICEF in Cambodia. His involvement focused on areas such as economic development, agriculture, rural finance, and development policy, all geared towards improving the lives of rural communities. Seth's work extended beyond Cambodia to countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Nepal, and the Laos Republic.

Seth's professional achievements include being the co-founder of IFAD's Programmatic Approach for Cambodia, which aims to scale the impact of sustainable rural livelihood development. He has also played a significant role in establishing strategic partnerships with entities like GEF, EIB, EU, ADB, GCF, and AIIB. 

Seth's contributions are not limited to strategic planning; he co-led the development of the first IFAD Non-Sovereignty Operation facility in the Asia and Pacific Region. This facility serves to promote Pro-Poor Rural Investment in Cambodia through innovative VC financing instruments in collaboration with AMK Microfinance.

Furthermore, Seth is an active member of the UNCT and co-lead facilitator of the TWG on Agriculture and Water in Cambodia, showcasing his commitment to making a difference in the agricultural and water sectors. Seth's educational background includes a bachelor's degree in economics from the Faculty of Law and Economic Science in 1996. He also holds a master's degree in business administration, specializing in Agri-business in 1998 from the Asian Institute of Technology.

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