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Tseveengerel Amgalan

Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Department
Authority of Government Supervisory, Mongolia
Tseveengerel Amgalan

Ms.Tseveengerel Amgalan is a social and financial policy researcher who worked on national-level development and policy studies at the Authority of Government Supervisory (AGS). The AGS was established on January 1, 2023, and her team is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of long-term, medium-term, and short-term development policies. She is leading a team to support line ministries and provinces and build national M&E systems. 

Before joining AGS, Ms. Tseveengerel worked at the Financial Regulatory Commission and the Secretariat of Parliament. Her recent education at Brandeis University helped her to learn how to practice sustainable development and hone her skills in analyzing and implementing development-related national policies.

 Additionally, for her master’s degree thesis at Brandeis University, she produced a comprehensive study on how the Mongolian political climate in the last 30 years has shaped health policy. She demonstrated a positive correlation between an increase in female representation in government and improved health policy, along with other vital factors.

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